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Our Long-Term Performance

From the time Hulbertís Financial Digest began tracking our work in January of 2001 (two months after we started publishing) to this writing (February 2011), Insiders Plus has delivered a compound annualized return more than three times greater than the benchmark Wilshire 5000. Over the same period,  the S&P 500 did a little worse than the Wilshire, and the NASDAQ did a little better. We trounced them all. The bottom line is that we made our investors 89% in a decade encompassing two of the worst bear markets in the last 100 years. During the same period the S&P lost money while the broad market Wilshire gained only 6%. Moreover, because of our emphasis on dividends and safety, we lost 40% less than the S&P during the financial crash. Our performance against the volatile NASDAQ was even better.


 Insiders Plus beat the market by 
more than triple in the last ten years!


Whatís the risk?. Thatís a question all investors should ask before following investment advice. If you have to risk your shirt to make above-average gains, it surely isnít worth it.

On a risk-adjusted basis, our out-performance is even more of  a rout. In the last ten years we earned more than five-times the return of the market per unit of risk taken.

So, how is risk measured?

According to modern portfolio theory, risk is measured by volatility, or Beta. A portfolio's Sharpe Ratio measures units of gain per unit of Beta. We have some reservations about this theory. Like Warren Buffett, we believe risk lies in weak analysis, not volatility. Nonetheless, according to this standard measure, our two combined portfolios crushed all the major indices from our inception right up through today. 

How do we do it? Hereís a perfect example:

Our quick 60% gain in a stock no one wanted ...

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